Monday, September 25, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 35: US-421

US Highway 421 has always been a favorite of mine, primarily because this is the road you drive to get from Wilmington (and all that horrible traffic and those pesky photo-enforced stoplights) to Carolina Beach to Fort Fisher.

From Wikipedia.

I.S. Route 41 is a spur road of U.S.- 21 and 941 miles long running from Michigan City, Indiana, (U.S. 20) to its southern terminus at "The Rocks" in North Carolina.  I have driven the whole road from one terminus to the other.  It goes through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, a real short distance in Virginia and North Carolina.

Big cities it goes through are Indianapolis, Lexington, Frankfort and Richmond, Kentucky and Boone, Winston-Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina.

The stretch between Madison, Indiana, on the Ohio River and Richmond, Kentucky, is as beautiful driving as you'll ever do.  Then there is some real serious mountain driving through the rest of Kentucky.

Once you get to "The Rocks" at the southern terminus, there is a sign saying "End U.S. 421."  On the other side of that sign is a sign saying "Begin U.S. 421."

421in' It.  --RoadDog

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