Saturday, September 2, 2017

Emperor Franz Joseph in DeKalb, Illinois

Well, statue of the emperor actually.

There was a picture in the June 21, 2017, MidWeek newspaper, serving DeKalb County, Illinois, "Looking back" column of the statue of Emperor Franz Joseph.

he caption reads:  "Cottonville School. later the George Riebock home, at the corner of First Street and Rich Road, with the Emperor Franz Joseph statue in the yard.  The statue currently resides at the Nehring house on North First Street."

I remember passing the statue many times while a student at Northern Illinois University and returning for visits.  I always wondered why there was a statue out front of the house, but several years ago noticed that it was no longer there.  I did not know the house was formerly a school.

I'll have to go see where it is now that I know its location.

Of course, a really good question would be how the statue of an Austrian emperor came to be in DeKalb, Illinois?


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