Saturday, September 2, 2017

To Galena for Our 44th Anniversary-- Part 3: The Town That Time Forgot

We got our room (the same one we had back in early June), unloaded the car for a two night stay (we will stay at the Ramada Inn on Friday, the anniversary of our marriage.  It is built on the site of the old Palace Motel where we spent our honeymoon back in 1973).

We have two bars in downtown Galena which we always make a special effort to visit when we're in town.  They are the VFW and the Gold Room.  Both are on Main Street.

Galena is truly the town that time forgot.  What you see today is what the inhabitants saw back in the 1850s.  At one time Galena rivaled Chicago in size and importance because of all of the locally mined lead, called Galena Lead.  When that petered out in the 1850s, people started moving away, but with no increase in population, there were no new buildings constructed, and, even more important, none were torn down.


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