Saturday, September 9, 2017

Along 66, August 2017: Travel Advisory, The Nimblewell Nomad and the Fire

AUGUST 7--  A closer look at the NAACP's Missouri travel advisory.  It warns about possible discrimination and attacks against minorities because of recent legislation making discrimination lawsuits harder to win.

A clear case of grasping at straws by a racist group.  Well, at least it wasn't about discrimination against Confederate monuments.

AUGUST 8--  M.J. Eberhart, 78, walking the length of Route 66.  he calls himself The Nimblewill  Nomad.  Going East to West.  And I can just make it across the bar to my stool.  Today, September 9, if all is going well, he should be in Edmond, Oklahoma.

AUGUST 9--  Fire ravages Country Classic cars near Staunton, Illinois.  Did a job on the main building which had around 100-150 cars in it.  The business opened about 20 years ago.

They had some neat cars, but a lot that really, really, really needed to be restored.

Beware Travelers!!  The NAACP Is Looking Out for You.  --RoadDog

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