Thursday, March 9, 2017

PCB 2017: Confusion in Montgomery, 'Cue in Cullman

As I mentioned in the last post, we got confused as to which way we were to go.  Did we take Southern Expressway Stoplights to I-65 or go to I-85 and then west to I-65.  It came up too fast to make a decision and we were unable to get over to head to I-85 so proceeded into Montgomery, hoping we weren't going to have to go through a bad area.

Turned out, it was a very pleasant drive until right before we got to the I-65 entrance ramp.

Traffic of I-65 was heavy all the way to Birmingham, I mean, VERY heavy.  Then, though it was about 2 in Birmingham had traffic as bad as a rush hour.

It was then that we started hitting a lot of rain.  It poured.  I was driving along looking for a place to get off and eat and saw a sign for a place called Sonny's BBQ in Cullman, Alabama, so got off.

It is about a mile from the interstate and well worth it.  They feature pulled pork and, as they say, "We'll serve no swine before its time."  Mighty tasty.

We'll Be Back.  --RoadDog

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