Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fox Lake/Grant Township Hist. Society-- Part 3: Dog 'N Suds, Lovin' What We Do

Your carhops here do not start off as carhops.  Before going outside, they have to learn how to operate everything inside and have to know the menu inside and out.  Just as important, they have to be people friendly.

They evidently just opened for the new season within the last couple days (it is right down the street from the historical society's museum).  But, I've already had my Coney Dog as they were at the Fox Lake Business Expo a few Saturdays back.

Every Saturday, they have a classic car show and about every two weeks they have entertainment, which really brings out a big crowd.

Roy Miller finished by saying, "We really love what we do."

And, of course, there is that great root beer, Charcoburgers and Coney dogs.

That Is Very Obvious.  --RoadHotDog

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