Saturday, March 4, 2017

Looking Back to 1941: Governor Green Dedicated the New DeKalb-Sycamore Super Highway

From the Nov,23, 2016, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1941, 75 Years Ago.

"Governor Green did not open the new DeKalb-Sycamore road the other day.  He dedicated it.  Reason for that clarifying statement is that several people have asked whether the road was done.

"Some are yet refraining from driving on it because of the signs "'closed.'  Work is yet going on.  Today crews were busy near DeKalb.  For several days a curbing has been in the process of construction at the extreme DeKalb end, including the curve into Fourth Street near the high school."

Still, A Big Deal.  --RoadDog

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