Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Dozen Recipes Every North Carolinian Should Know-- Part 10: Banana Pudding

The last recipe.  And, remember, the Our State Magazine has all these recipes.

Few North Carolinians can agree who makes the best barbecue, but we all agree that it should be chased with a dish of banana pudding.

However, there are many ways to take your banana pudding.  Some people like it topped with toasted meringue.  Others want billows of whipped cream.  Some want it warm, others want it deeply chilled.

Barbecue is contentious.  Banana pudding is a peacemaker.

Personally,I'd rather have peach or cherry cobbler.  But, really, who is hungry after eating all that 'cue, slaw, hushpuppies and washing it down with tea?

No Dessert for Me, Hun.  --RoadDog

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