Tuesday, August 9, 2016

500 Facts About the Indy 500-- Part 26: "Baby Borgs"

127.  The first "Baby Borg" was handed out in 1988.  The 18-inch replica of the big one has been given to the winner ever since.  Kind of sounds like something Star Trek would fight.

129.  A second "Baby Borg" is given to the winning car's winner.

131.  The tradition of "Kissing the Bricks" was started by a "Brickyard 40 winner.  In 1996, NASCAR's Dale Jarrett and his crew chief knelt down and smooched the "Yard of Bricks" at the start/finish line.  It caught on with both 400 and 500 winners.  Now, a whole lot of folks kiss those smelly, hot old yucky bricks.

134.  The Borg-Warner trophy always turns up at the 500 Festival parade, under heavy security, of course.

135.  The Borg-Warner has appeared in two films:  "Winning" and "Turbo."

Borg Me Up, Scottie.  --RoadBorg

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