Wednesday, January 7, 2015

White Castle Debuts Slider for Veggie Lovers-- Part 2

Regular beef sliders range from 140 to 220 calories depending on toppings.

The Veggie Slider did well during testing in New York and New Jersey.  And, the company claims it is unlike anything else on the menu, which includes sandwiches made with beef, chicken, fish, cheese and bacon.  (Even occasionally pork.)

White Castle says they are committed to keeping up with customer tastes..

A petition on is going on around Chicago to bring the Veggie Sliders here.  So far it has more than 107,000 supporters.

Of course, I like my Sliders covered with onions, the more the better.  And, on top of those, there needs to be wall-to-wall pickles and, of course, Dusseldorf Mustard.  Would that be considered a veggie slider?

Still Wondering Why the Indiana White Castles Do Not Have Regular Diet Coke and Duusseldorf Mustard.  --RoadDog

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