Saturday, January 31, 2015

Busy Day at Woodstock's Groundhog Days Festival Today-- Part 1

In a short time I am going to drive the 18 miles to Woodstock, Illinois, and enjoy that fun time.  I missed it last year because of that horrible winter.  Just like in the movie, though, we have a major snow storm headed our way starting tonight and going through most of tomorrow with 6-12 inches predicted and blowing snow.

Of course, a few years back we had the "Groundhog Day Blizzard which dumped about 20 inches on us.

Woodstock was where the famous "Groundhog Day" movie was mostly filmed and every year since the town has had this festival.  I go most years.

Last night they had the Groundhog Day Dance at the Moose Lodge in Woodstock where the movie dance and bachelor auction was filmed.

Today is the main day of activities.  All of these will take place in or around the famed Woodstock Square which was Gobbler's Knob in the movie.

10 a.m.--  The Movie "Groundhog Day" will be shown at the Woodstock Theatre which became the Alpine Theater in the movie.  It's free.

10 a.m.--  Famed storyteller Jim May will present Groundhog Tales at the Home State Bank.


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