Friday, January 30, 2015

Baseball in the Tarheel State-- Part 1

From the July 2013 Our State Magazine "Baseball Season" by Allan Hodge.

Even though the state has no Major League Baseball teams, it has a long history with the sport.  Here is a quiz.  Answers on two blog entries from now:

1.  Captured Union soldiers in North Carolina played baseball as early as 1862.  What town in Rowan County was the site of a large prisoner of war camp where the inmates rounded the bases (but were not allowed to run for home)?

A.  Salisbury
B.  High Point
C.  Concord

2.  In 1867, a baseball team was formed at the University of North Carolina.  In the team's first recorded game, the Tar Heels beat an all-star team from what nearby city?

A.  Greensboro
B.  Tarboro
C.  Raleigh

3.  What famous professional baseball player hit his first home run during an exhibition game in Fayetteville in 1914?

A.  Jackie Robinson
B.  Babe Ruth
C.  Chipper Jones

How Ya Doin'?  --RoadDog

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