Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eagle Watching 2015: 13 Bald Eagles Seen

We returned from a four day trip out to Iowa and Wisconsin to see bald eagles on Saturday.  We stopped at Galena, Illinois, to eat at The Log Cabin steakhouse on Main Street (we've been going there since our honeymoon in 1973) and spent Wednesday night, Jan. 21st, in Dubuque, Iowa.

The 22nd was our best day for seeing eagles: three at the Dubuque Lock and Dam, two at the Guttenberg, Iowa, Lock and Dam, two in a field and the two Decorah bald eagles (featured on the eagle cam over the internet) in Iowa.

We saw another four bald eagles in a field in Wisconsin near Monroe on our way back home on Saturday.

Total for the Trip, 13 bald eagles.

Saw Ya!!  --RoadDog

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