Thursday, April 17, 2014

Record Store Day This Saturday!!!

Last Saturday when I went to my local mom and pop record store, Vinyl Frontier, in McHenry, Illinois, I was happy to find out that this coming Saturday is that great day where we get to thank those bastions of music still available to us technologically impaired folk. //// Those great (and many late-great) mom and pop record stores. This happens not just in Illinois, but all across the country and even overseas. They have lists of mom and pop record stores in every state and you can find them at //// We had planned a trip to DeKalb to see the NIU spring football game, but it looks like weather and other things will keep us from going there, so I will definitely be in McHenry at the Vinyl Frontier. //// I understand there are some interesting things you can buy in addition to all the vinyl and CDs. //// So, Get Out There, Say Hi, and Buy Somethin'. ---RoadDog

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