Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eating Those Delicious Racine Kringles

This past Saturday while doing some grocery shopping at our local Angelo's in Johnsburg, Illinois, I saw a guy over at a table looking at some oval objects and walked over to see. He was looking at three packages of Racine Danish Kringles. Now, I have heard of these Kringle pastries on several occasions and have been told it is one of those local foods you "gotta try." Well, I "'didda try." I bought a 14 ounce package for $4.99. I've been wanting to try one anyway. I was surprised that Liz had never even heard of them, but we, with difficulty, got the plastic wrap off... And... it was everything I could want. Man, was that good!! I will now keep an eye out for them. And, Racine is maybe 30 miles away, just north of Kenosha. We could even GO THERE. Mighty Tasty, Even If I Do Say So. --RoadDog

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