Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Midwest Culinary Classics-- Part 6: Camp Washington Chili

CAMP WASHINGTON CHILI-- Cincinnati. This is the only one that I have been fortunate enough to eat at, thanks to my buddy Denny who told me about it and took me there. Now, I am forever hooked on that Cincinnati chili and never miss a chance to get some. (I always stop on my trips to North Carolina at the Skyline Chili place by Dayton off I-70.) //// A Greek immigrant's secret recipe for chili has been served from the same location (new structure, though) since 1940. You can order you chili from three-way to five way. A Five-way has spaghetti, chili, cheese, beans and onions. (I get four-way as I'm not crazy about the beans.) You can also get a hot dog piled high with the stuff. It is closed Sundays, but otherwise open 24-hours. Located at 3005 Colerain Avenue. (There are several places serving Cincy Chili as well as two chains: Gold Star and Skyline.) //// Never, Ever Pass Up a Chance for Cincy Chili!!! --RoadDog

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