Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Gosh, More Things to Hang Up on the Walls

After my stop at J-R's in NC on my way home last wekk, I bought one of those big metal stars to hang up on the gazebo and that wooden "How Many Roads Must a Man Go Down...Before He Admits He's Lost" sign for inside. As those folk of infinite wisdom, Da Yoopers, from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, said in one of their hilarious songs: "I think we're lost. I've been lost before and this is what it looks like." //// Only problem now is finding a place to hang it up. The basement Margaritaville/North Woods walls are getting mighty full, practically floor-to-ceiling in some places. //// And Liz won't let me hang anything more upstairs, in a vail attempt to keep me from cluttering in her domain. //// I'll Have to Have a Drink and, As Ricky Ricardo Would Say, "Thin'" About It. Maybe I Can "Sneak" One Upstairs? --RoadDog

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