Friday, August 30, 2013

Winning Weiner-- Part 5

Continuing with the best of the dog in Lake County, Illinois. I have not gone to these last thre eplaces on the voting, but will. /// DOCKSIDE DOGS, WAUKEGAN: They especially liked it because the condients were on a cart so you get to make it yourself, something that I like best of all for my hotdog. There was some worry about people being hygienic. /// "The hot dog was a royal mess, but I'm the one who made the mess. Extra points for the location on the Waukegan beach. You sit outdoors and watch boats traverse the blue waters (of Lake Michigan)." And, when I make a hot dog and get to put the stuff on it, I pile it high and wide. A HUGE MESS, but MY MESS. /// Some reader comments on the p[lace, "Great dogs and brats-- with a lakefront view, sailboats and big sky!" /// "Not just the best dogs, but sun, water, and a lake breeze." /// What I'd Call a Million Dollar View. --RoadDog

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