Wednesday, August 14, 2013

JAB'D: One River, Four Stops, Three Towns-- Part 1

Kevin and Kelly met us at the Legion and picked us up for the ride down the Fox River to McHenry, Illinois. They had just two more Chain Crawl passports stamps (we have just two left as well). A bit cooler so we were wearing sweatshirts, plus, a little threatening rain, but we didn't get any. First stop was at the Epic Deli by the Johnsburg Bridge, (in Johnsburg) noted for the size and great taste of their sandwiches (more on it tomorrow). Liz and I got hot dog variations and they split a Wailer. Full, we cast off for further downriver and went to the Foxhole by the Rt. 120 bridge. It is in the basement of an 1880s hotel and noted for their food. Every Wednesday night they have entertainment. Liz and I had gone here this past Thursday when we ate at Vickie's Place across the river and had seen New Odyssey at Veterans Park. No Pirates Captured Today. --RoadDog

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