Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here's Some Road Food For You-- Part 2: The Viking Quest Challenge

The Viking Quest is another sub offered by Epic Deli in Johnsburg, Illinois. At $10, a bit pricey but not so much when you look what comes on it. You get turkey, pastrami, salami, bacon, ham, pepperoni, roast beef, pepperjack, provolone, cheddar, banana peppers & ghost pepper ranch dressing. (Well, I'm not so sure about that last ingredient, perhaps I will subsititute something else, as I have heard about those ghost peppers.)

This is a sandwich that would even inspire Dagwood. I'd like to see someone order one.

But, if $10 is too much, you could get one for free, well, actually two. It's called the Viking Quest Challenge and if you eat two in 45 minutes, they're free. So far, according to the Wall of Shame/Fame, only one guy has succeeded and some thirty have fallen to disgrace.

I Don't Think I'll Take the Challenge. --RoadDog

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