Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Speaking of Wisconsin-- Part 1: Lake Geneva and Flatlanders

I write a lot about things to do around here in northeast Illinois during the summer and that's not even mentioning southeast Wisconsin, located just eight miles from the house. /// Probably the best place to go is Lake Geneva on Geneva Lake. You can get there either on US-12 (an expressway from Genoa City, Wisconsin) or drive the original US-12, now County Highway H from Genoa City. Either drive is pretty (and on the expressway you pass signs warning you to be on the watch for low-flying aircraft who land at an airfield/subdivision for folks who commute to work by air or like having their plane in their garage). /// Once I stopped to take a picture of the sign and a state cop pulled up behind me asking why I had stopped. When I told him I was taking a picture of the sign, he just shook his head and walked back to his car. "Dumb flatlander," he was thinking. Flatlander is what some folk in Wisconsin call us folk from Illinois. Dumb Cheeseheads!! --RoadDog

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