Friday, August 30, 2013

Speaking of Wisconsin-- Part 3: Out to the Abbey

Continued from August 22nd. We decided not to take Wells Street (the old US-12)into Lake Geneva because of the Venetian Night celebration going on there tonight (August 11th). Expect back ups and delays every day during summer in Lake Geneva, but especially during the weekends and even more so for events. All those Flatlanders going there, you know. /// So, at Co. H and Wells Street, we turned to the west and took some roads to skirt Lake Geneva and then had a cruise along South Lake Shore Drive along Geneva Lake's south shore. The town is called Lake Geneva, but the lake is Geneva Lake, but most folk don't know that and call both Lake Geneva. /// This is a very pretty drive in itself, although none of it along the lake, but there are plenty residential streets you can turn off and see some water. The road gets especially pretty as you approach Delavan, where the Abbey is located. Talk about you roller coaster rides up and down hills. But watch the low speed limit. /// Then, There's the Abbey!! --RoadDog

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