Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doing My Lincoln Highway Centennial Thing-- Part 9: Deep-Fried Cajun Potato Salad

Figuring this would be a good time to finish the busy day I spent June 27th when the Lincoln Highway East car convoy rolled through Dekalb on its way from Times Square to Kearney, Nebraska, for the big centennial festivities and Lincoln Highway annual conference. Last stop was at Fatty's on the Lincoln Highway, east of the NIU campus. This is headquarters for Huskie sports and also where you can get a heaping plate of the really-bad-for-you, but oh-so-good Deep-Fried Cajun Potato Salad. Three of Denny's traveling partners also came. Two were a couple from Bavard, North Carolina, driving a '72 car and one was from somewhere out by Geneva. None of them had ever heard of the potato salad. All liked it as we shared a big ol' plate of it. I was, however, surprised to find Fatty's didn't have beer nuggets, a treat that probably started in Dekalb back in the 70s at Sgt. Pepper's. They were running behind for their stop in Franklin Grove for tonight's festivities so had to leave right away so bid them adieu and proceeded back to Spring Grove, stopping at several places looking for Blackhawk Stanley Cup gear and found some. One Hundred Years, That's a Long Time. --RoadDog

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