Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T-Giving NC 2010-- Mt. Airy, NC, Everybody's Home Mayberry

Mt. Airy is definitely always on my list of places to stop on my way to NC when going via I-77.

You can really see all aspects of Andy Griffith's Mayberry in this small town. And the people proudly hold up this heritage and embrace it. You see Andy Griffith (AG) stuff all over main street, once US-52, but now bypassed.

One thing I really like about the town is that they have free parking along the main and side streets plus lots of public lots. Something Chicago would never do.

You can probably buy any sort of AG souvenir you can imagine on main street. This year, I bought several packs of AG trading cards for Liz who is a real big fan of the show.

There is even a Floyd's Barbershop where you can get a haircut for $8 and have your picture taken and put on the wall. Walk next door to Opie's Candy Shop. South of town is Wally's Service Station.

In September they have a huge festival in town for the TV show. One of these days we'll have to go there.

"Goober Says Hey." --RoadDog

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