Monday, February 14, 2011

Down Da 66: Tattoo Guy Gets Another-- Pad for Sale-- "Cars" Fanatics

Down Da 66, just some more stuff about an old road.

1. TATTOO GUY GETS ANOTHER-- Hard to believe it (well, not so hard), but noted Route 66 Tattoologist Ron Jones got another one Feb. 12th, his 88th of which 87 are of places along the Mother Road. This one is of the Admiral Twin Drive-In (but he didn't say where) which operated from 5-24-51 (my birthday) to 9-3-10.

He is quite the walking-talking Route 66 man.

2. PAD FOR SALE-- It was announced back in December, that the Launching Pad restaurant in Wilmington, Illinois, long a Route 66 mainstay, is for sale, asking $625,000, which many 66ers feel is too much. That great muffler guy, Gemini Man, stands outside of it holding a rocket.

The Eagle Hotel in downtown Wilmington, dating back to pre-1850 is also for sale.

3. "CARS" FANATICS-- Friend Lulu wrote into the Yahoo Route 66 e-mail group about an interesting trivia site about the movie "Cars" at

Lots of interesting stuff.

Now, You Know. --RoadDog

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