Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top Five NTN Places Last Trip-- Honorable Mention

Our quest for warmth to the Florida Panhandle also had two places I would put in the Honorable Mention category. Both had the possibility of being really GREAT PLACES, but didn't make the cut because of problems.

CALYPSO-- Panama City Beach-- When we found a motel right across the street, we were especially excited, but, then, reality.

Even with more TVs than we have seen in most restaurant/bars, none were ever tuned into any Buzztime stations at any time we went inside. I doubt that they will be keeping NTN/Buzztime much longer. The first night, they were having that wrestling/boxing fight, but they did turn one TV on in the bar. The second time we went in, the bartender told us we could only play it in the restaurant. In the restaurant, they said we could only play it in the bar. The bartender wouldn't turn it on, so we left. We did get to play it in the bar one time.

Too bad because they also had $1 pints of Coors Light and $4 pitchers every day, and, it was right across the street from where we were staying. A great combination, but we only played three times instead of daily (we were there nine days).

PINEAPPLE WILLY'S-- Panama City Beach-- One of the major hot spots in town, and no doubt packed now that the Spring Breakers are in town. However, NTN was moved out to the Pier Bar and that was open for a couple weeks when we were there.

This could be a great spot to play NTN, though, as you'll be overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Playing NTN with a water view, that's great.

Could Be Great NTN Spots. --RoadDog


Empoprises said...

Your review of Calypso intrigued me, so I checked their leaderboard and found that their second place player had, as of Sunday March 15, a grand total of 12,500 points. I have NEVER seen NTN Buzztime totals that low. You gotta wonder why they pay the fees if they don't let people play.

RoadDog said...

It definitely would seem to be a waste.

This would be a great place for it as well. They go after the large numbers of Midwesterners who go to the Panhandle during the winter with the Big Ten Network.

Most of the TVs are tuned to these games.

Oh well. It's their money.

Again, I have to put some of the blame on whoever sold the NTN system to them. You have to follow up and give ideas.