Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lincoln and Dixie Highway's Carl Fisher

Carl Fisher was a man with huge dreams who was not afraid to act on them. I already knew about the two highways mentioned, the Indianapolis Speedway, and Miami Beach, but I didn't know about Montauk, New York, which, according to Tom Clavin in the Feb. 17th East Hampton Press and Southampton Press, he was planning on turning into the Miami Beach of the north.

In 1925, he built the 200-room Montauk Manor as a residence for wealthy vacationers to launch his plans. It had a ballroom, international restaurant and was located on top of Signal Hill with sweeping views of the ocean.

It still stands today as a 140 condo apartment structure. It is one of thirty buildings Fisher had constructed in Montauk that remain.

Fisher formed the Montauk Beach Development Corporation and bought 10,000 acres for $25 million and then spent another $7 million developing it. During World War II, Montauk Manor became barracks for enlisted servicemen at the nearby torpedo testing facility. That would be ONE NICE barrack.

Quite the Entrepreneur, This Fisher. --RoadDog

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