Thursday, March 5, 2009

One of My Favorite Places-- Wilmington, NC

Between the aesthetics, history, river, proximity to the beaches (especially Carolina and Topsail), food, and Fort Fisher, I'd have to say Wilmington, North carolina, is one of my favorite places anywhere.

On March 1st, Wilmington Star News' Amy Hotz had a fun "Face Book" 25 Random Things About Self" report. Evidently, this "25 Things" is quite popular on Face Book, even though I've never been on it. I've heard about Face Book though.

Here's what Amy had to say:

1. SEMI-FAMOUS-- one nickname Wilmywood-- more than 300 films made here since 1980s.

2. RAISED HENRY BACON, the architect of Washington, DC's Lincoln Memorial-- also buried here.

3. GETTING FATTER-- population growing: 1990-- 55,000; 2000-- 90,330; 2010 est-- 99,781.

4. NOT TELLING AGE-- but George Washington visited.

5. INTO ARTS-- lots of sculptures around town ranging from Oscar Wilde to Charlie Daniels.

6. LIKES FISHING-- states largest flathead catfish (78 pounds) and black drum (100 pounds) caught in Cape Fear River.

7. ATHLETIC-- Michael Jordan, Meadowlark Lemon, Roman Gabriel, and Sonny Jurgenson lived here.

8. COMPULSIVE-- there are 19 seams over the Bradley Creek Oleander Drive Bridge.

More to Come, 25 After All. --RoadDog

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