Friday, June 28, 2019

Now That Was One Really Good Weekend-- Part 3: A Day After Party 12 Days Later


Enjoyed listening to (and recording on cassette) Bob Stroud's annual Rock and Roll Roots Salute to Summer.  Three hours of songs guaranteed to get you into that special summer mode.  See this week's earlier posts for the songs.

Well, we're definitely hoping we get a summer and that the monsoon season eventually ends.  We're getting rain every day almost.

We went to Kevin and Kelly's place on Fox Lake for our usual Day After Party, only this time we were having it 12 days later.  We always had a End-of-the-School-Year Party when we were still teaching.  After our last one, Kevin and Kelly starting having their own (they are both teachers as well) and they carry on the tradition very well.

They had their end of the year party June 11, but then they had to leave the next day  for a wedding in Louisiana and we left for the Lebanon (Mo.) Route 66 Festival.  Fortunately, they have a refrigerator dedicated to keg storage (Kelly makes her own beer) so they stored the beer keg in there.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to finish off that keg.  So, we sat out by the lake with several others,  snacked to our hearts' content, had Italian beef sandwiches and when it started to rain, we adjourned to their downstairs bar.

Mission COMPLETE!!!!   We finished off that keg.  Then had to scrounge for various bottles and cans of the stuff.


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