Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Six Route 66 Illinois Bicentennial Oddities

Just bragging a little here, but there are six Route 66 places listed in the 20 Oddities in Illinois you should visit.

I just wrote about one, the Launching Pad Drive-In and Gemini Giant.

The other five are in:

two in Lincoln

For loyal 66ers, these "Oddities" should be easy to guess.

Plus, the Friendship Shoe Fence is in Cornell, not too far off Route 66 near Pontiac.  We plan on checking it our the next time we're down that way.  Of course, Route 66 has numerous shoe trees, and there is that one tree south of Pontiac that has been receiving Christmas decorations and will soon be a year-round Christmas tree.

We So Proud.  --Road66

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