Thursday, January 25, 2018

Along 66, December 2017: Museum Club and the Route

From the Route 66 News Site.

DECEMBER 19--  The Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, to reopen December 29.  Has operated since 1936, but closed in September.  Built by taxidermist Dean Eldredge in 1931 to show off his vast collection.

Became famous in the 1960s when the owners began booking country acts like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Bob Wills.

We went there back in 2006 and had a real good time.  A classic.

DECEMBER 21--  Cybthia Troup's role in "Get Your kicks on Route 66."  Cynthia and Bobby Troup drove Route 66 to California in 1946.  She came up with the line "Get Your Kicks on Route 66."

Bobby finished the song.  She probably should have received at least partial credit for the songwriting.

Where Would Route 66 be Without Her?  --RoadDog

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