Friday, December 1, 2017

Along 66, October 2017: New Mural and New Owners in Illinois

OCTOBER 18--  New Route 66 mural in Lexington, Illinois.   By the Thrift Avenue store on Main Street.  Walldogs wouldn't do it, but a high school student at University High School in Normal, Ana Cappis made it her summer project.

We saw it on our 66 on 66 Cruise.  Nice job.  Close to the new Kelly's on 66 in Lexington.

OCTOBER 18--  Miles of Possibility conference attendees met the new owners of Wilmington, Illinois' Launching Pad Restaurant, Tully Garrett and Holly Barker.  Holly has worked in North Carolina bbq restaurants and is from there.  We drove by it and it such good news that the place is opening again.  Sure glad nothing happened to the 'naut while the place was closed.

Here's really hoping that they start serving Carolina 'Cue.

Try It, You'll Like It.  --RoadDog

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