Friday, November 3, 2017

Creepy Ghost Towns in Illinois

From the August 3, 2015, Only In Your State:  Visit These 4 Creepy Ghost Towns in Illinois At Your Own Risk"  Laura Meli.

1.  Cairo:  a living ghost town which had been in an absolute boom mode from the 1800s to 1920s.  So sad to see the town now.

2.  Shawneetown:  Now called Old Shawneetown, established 1748 by Pewoki Shownee.  It was the first cultivated land in Illinois.

3.  Benld, Maucoupin County.  A coal mining town and an object of history when it was hit by a meteorite  It is on display at Chicago's Field Museum.  And, Benld is on good old Route 66.

4.  Buda:  a small railroad town named after Buda, Hungary.

Just a Little Late for Halloween.  RoadDog

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