Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kewpee Hamburgs-- Part 4: Kewpee in Lima, Ohio

From the Kewpee Hamburgers site.

This one is about the Kewpee Hamburgs in Lima, Ohio.

The chain used and still uses the kewpee doll as a symbol.

In 1928 Hoyt F. "Stub" Wilson and his wife Julia M. "June" Wilson built the first Kewpee in Lima, Ohio.  A sign touted 10 cent bottles of beer and 5 cent hamburgers.  (Beer at a fast food joint?  Very interesting.)

In 1939 they built another Kewpee structure and it was one of the first buildings in Lima with central air conditioning.  They had a drive-thru window.

In 1972. they built the Allentown Road store.

In 1980 the Bellefontaine location opened and was the largest of the Lima stores, able to seat 180 customers at once.

The web site had interesting pictures of the different stores.


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