Thursday, May 10, 2018

Along 66, April 2018: Murals, Fires and a Neon Relighting

APRIL 8--  Windstorm flattens Route 66 mural in Lexington, Illinois.  Hope they get it back up again before teh red Carpet Corridor Festival in May.

APRIL 8--  Rooftop neon sign on Wilder's Steakhouse in Joplin, Missouri,  relighting set for April 14.  The Missouri Route 66 Association is having a meeting there earlier that day.  I've seen postcards of the interior of the place and have always wanted to eat there.

Of course, give me more NEON!!

APRIL 9--  Wildfire forces the evacuation of Winona, Arizona.  Well, it must be there.  Since it is mentioned in that famous song, we were looking forward to seeing it.  When we drove out to the end of Route 66 in 2006, we saw a sign for Winona and never did see it.

Will the Real Winona Please Stand Up?  --RoadDog

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