Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Along 66, April 2018: Tropics Sign, Pulaski Brochure and a Prison

APRIL 6--  The relighting of that neat Tropics sign is set for June 24 in Lincoln, Illinois. The original tropics has been torn down and there is a McDonald's there now, but the sign will be in the McDonald's parking lot.

That is a neat sign so really glad it will be back.

APRIL 6--  The newly revised Explore Pulaski County, Missouri brochure has a section on additional and obscure Route 66 alignments, including 66 points of interest and 10 detours.

Of course, I would have to say Missouri Route 66 is my favorite of all eight states.

APRIL 7--  The old, 160 year old Joliet Prison may reopen by August.

That  is a neat old prison.


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