Saturday, March 3, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 9: Help at Enterprise Chevrolet


That drive to Enterprise wasn't much fun, worrying about the brakes as we were.    I made sure to give myself plenty of room to brake and applied very slowly whenever needed.  We got to Enterprise and pulled into a gas station and filled up.  It was pretty horrible with that noise when he carefully stopped at a gas station.

I got gas because Alabama is usually quite a lot cheaper in gas than Florida.  I got gas for $2.30, it was $2.60 in PCB the next day.  Liz stood outside the car when I pulled away from the pump and listened.  I had turned off the radio as well so I could hear.  The sound was still there.

We decided to look for a Chevy dealer for the 2011 Malibu to have them take a look.  And, like in any Alabama town, there is a whole lot of traffic at all hours.  Had to be real careful with the brakes to say the least.

Liz looked down a side street and saw a Chevrolet sign so we went back.  Parked outside the service department and explained what was wrong.  They were getting ready to close in 20 minutes, but took the car in and examined the brakes.  One front one was really bad and the other about ready to go.


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