Monday, March 5, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 10: Brakes A Lot and Boll Weevils


They told us that I should be able to drive the car to Panama City Beach, about 90 miles away if I drove carefully.  But, when it comers to brakes, I will not take a chance, plus, darkness was coming on fast and two lane roads.  They said they could get to replacing the brakes first thing tomorrow as they had them in stock.  We inquired about a nearby motel and bars and they gave us directions.

Coaxed the car over to the Days Inn about a mile away and got a room.  We took a taxi over to Oscar's, a bar/grill near the Chevy dealer and enjoyed talking with the people there.

While waiting for the cab in the lobby of the motel, I saw that Enterprise is the only city anywhere which has a statue to the boll weevil, an insect that is particularly harmful to cotton.  This being Alabama, I figured they had cotton, so had to wonder why they would have a statue to it.

Nobody Likes Boll Weevils.--  RoadDog

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