Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 11: We Finally Get to Panama City Beach


We drove the car over to Enterprise Chevrolet, carefully, and had the brakes fixed.

While waiting, I started reading "Firestorm in Peshtigo" about the horrible fire there that killed between 1,50 and 3,000 people in Wisconsin.  It is largely unknown today because it took place on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire which killed far less people.  My goal while in PCB is to read the book.

They had the brakes replaced ($330) and we were on our way.  Sure nice not to hear that grinding noise this morning.

Enterprise is home to Fort Rucker Army base.  A lot of helicopter pilots get training there and you see lots of them in the air.  So, boll weevils and helicopters for Enterprise, Alabama.  Heading south on Alabama 167, you pass a major helicopter base and often there are two to three in the air at the same time.


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