Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Even With Flooding, We'll Wait It Out Having a Good Time

We have two major festivals going on this week here in northeast Illinois in Lake and McHenry counties.

I wish they would find a way, though, to have it on two separate weekends, but, no, they never will.

McHenry, Illinois, has their annual Fiesta Days.  This Saturday we have Art in the Park, where all sorts of sellers offer their wares in Veterans Park.  At the same time, they close off Riverside Drive by Illinois Highway 120.  Then, we have bands out in the street and all sorts of partying in the afternoon.

This Thursday, Antioch, Illinois, has its annual Taste of Summer which features all sorts of food, a carnival and bands every night Thursday and Friday and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Well, If You Can't Go Boating,  Drown Your Sorrows.  --RoadDog

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