Friday, July 14, 2017

13 Must-See Sights on Route 66-- Part 4: Theaters, Rabbits, Ghosts, Wigwams and Piers

9.  KiMo Theater--  Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Built 1927.  designed to reflect the Indian/Hispanic and Anglo cultures.

10.  Jack Rabbit Trading Post--  Joseph City, Arizona.  You know, all those "Here It Is" signs.  Or is it "Hare It Is?"

11.  Ghost Town of Calico--  north of Daggett, California.  What is left of an 1881 mining town.  OK, this one I had never heard of before.

12.  Wigwam Village Motel--  Rialto, California.  There is also one in Holbrook, Arizona, on Route 66.

13.  Santa Monica Pier--  Not exactly on Route 66, but close and makes for a good end-of destination.  Built 1908.

She suggests Drew Knowles' "Route 66 Adventure Handbook" for reading.

Obviously, I Love My Lists.  --RoadDog

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