Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 2: On the Road Again

MAY 25, 2012, FRIDAY

Liz drove me over to Sue and Paul's place in Long Lake and we left at 8:05 a.m..  Other than walking through an RV on rare occasions, I had never spent much time in one, but that was to change over the next four days.  It was my Home Sweet Home on Wheels.

We picked up Paul's brother John at a weigh station along the interstate.  He lives in Batavia.  I immediately found out a major drawback to RVing when we filled up with gas in Rennsalear, Indiana, and the bill came to $211!!  OUCH!!

We stopped at West Lafayette at a Meijer's and a White Castle Craver attack.  Sliders for the race.  Not much better than a hot, greasy, oniony slider.

Lots of fun on I-465 with all that traffic and then even more as we got off and made our way to the racetrack area.  A lot of people make a weekend out of the Sunday Race.  Some even get there a week earlier.

Sliding Away.  --RoadDog

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