Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tom Grosvenor Memorial Marine Corps Birthday Breakfast for Toys for Tots-- Part 1

Commemorating the 241st birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps on November 10, 2016.

The event took place on Saturday, November 12th at the American Legion Lakes Area Post 708 of which I am a member also of their Sons of the American Legion (SAL).  This was the 34th annual breakfast.

My SAL volunteers time to make the breakfast which consists of SOS (gravy and sausage on toast), scrambled eggs and all the strong coffee you need to wash it down.  As usual, the SAL had plenty of workers, so I sat out with the old Marines in the banquet hall.  I talked with a Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War veteran.

I was actually in Marine Corps Officer Candidates Class for six weeks in 1971, but with the war finally winding down, they didn't need me.  But even with just six weeks under my belt, and they were a VERY ROUGH six weeks, I am a big-time supporter of them.


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