Monday, November 7, 2016

108 Years Later, Cubs Win It All!!-- Part 3: Those Bleachers

To find out what was at Wrigley Field in 1945, the last World Series appearance of the Cubs, check out my Cooter's History Thing blog.

TRIANGLE PROPERTY:  (northwest corner outside ballpark).  Rising from this spot is a building that will house Cubs offices and retail shops.  Eventually there will also be an open-air plaza where the Cubs plan to host events.

BLEACHERS:  Bleacher seats were added during the ongoing construction, and the walls along Waveland and Sheffield avenues were moved outward, allowing for additional seats and features.

SCOREBOARD:  The iconic manual scoreboard now stands between two new video boards -- 3,990 square feet in left and 2,400 square feet in right,  The old board still functions, however, and features manual scoring.

OUTFIELD:  The ivy remains, but one key difference is the baskets, which were added in 1970.

Take me Out to the Wrigley Field.  --RoaCub

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