Friday, November 11, 2016

News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Spaceship In Illinois

From the Route 66 News site.

OCTOBER 7--  That's right, there is a UFO, a spaceship on Route 66 in Illinois.  Divernon to be exact.  It was built by Dave Bentley in his front yard.and it even has a name, Earth Patrol Vehicle.  It can be found on Route 104 and is made of two old satellite dishes.

Mr. Bentley also built the World's Largest Covered Wagon with Mr. Lincoln sitting in it reading a book.  This is now in Lincoln, Illinois.

Motto, "Build it big and they will come."  And, it has lighting at night for that special effect.  It looks to be on the same site as the covered wagon used to be.


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