Friday, September 2, 2016

Lin Braehmer Recommends Not Letting Kids Take Your Albums to College

In his Lin's Bin segment this morning, Lin Braehmer said that you should not let the kids take your old albums off to college, even if the sound quality is better.

One big reason is that they don't know how to handle and care for them.  Little things like not touching the grooves, handling by edges.  disc washer, wipe down needle care and so forth.

Also, even worse, at college you"loan" your records to others.  And chances are that you will never get them back, or id you are lucky enough to get them back, they are in horrible condition.

And, what if they leave the album in the car on a hot summer day?
I think it was too bad they didn't come up with a way to play albums in your car, but thatbheat and holes in the road wouldn't be the best thing.

Pizza Will Do that to the Grooves, You Know.  --RoadDog

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