Tuesday, July 12, 2016

500 Facts About the Indy 500-- Part 23: Fewest Cars at End of the Race Was 7, Most Was 26

99.  Go with the Number 3.  That number has won the race eleven times.

100.  The most cars running at the finish ever was 26.  (They start with 33 usually.)  That happened in 1911 and 2013.

101.  The fewest cars in the race at the end was 7 in 1966.

106.  One  million miles have been run by racers at the Indy 500, actually 1,060,930.  That's enough to circle the planet 42 times.

107.  Drivers from 31 countries have competed.

Even I Could Keep Up With Just Seven Cars  --RoadDog

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