Saturday, July 27, 2013

Winning Wiener Here in Lake County, Illinois-- Part 1

From the July 25-31, 2013, Lake County (Ill.) Journal.

Of course, this is famed Chicago Dog land here north of the city. 

"Americans eat a lot of hot dogs.  Seven billion from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, in fact.  There's even a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council to tell us that."

And, July is National Hot Dog Month!!

The Lake County Journal staff set out to find who makes the best Chicago Dog.  They asked readers to nominate the best and six places received the most votes.  Then, in a strictly unscientific study, the staff visited and rated the places based on six criteria: the bun, the dog, the condiments, the appeal, the value and messiness.  A good Chicago dog should mess your fingers and palm.

Points were deducted for soggy buns (especially stale buns in my book), limp pickles, too many/much condiments and stale sport peppers.  (No sport peppers for me, thank you very much.)

Chicago-style dogs, according to Sammie's in three Lake County locations: Round Lake Beach, Lake Villa and Grayslake, should consist of a poppy seed bun, the dog, relish, mustard, onions, tomato, a pickle and celery salt.  Sport peppers are also added (but not for me, thank you.)

Next, The Top Six Ranked.  --RoadDog

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