Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Doing My Lincoln Highway Centennial Thang-- Part 3: My Old School

I had time to kill, so drove around campus, which borders on the Lincoln Highway.  As a matter of fact, the grand entrance is on the road and the lagoon and Altgeld Hall are just north of it.  That has always been the prettiest part of campus in my estimation.  I was planning on meeting Denny and any others at the entrance, but there were no parking spaces available there.

Drove out to West Campus (the dorms) and saw the Chesick Indoor Practice facilities progressing nicely.  That is one huge building. 

Then went to Village Commansd Bookstore which features pennants from every school we have played in the last whole bunch of years.  I looked especially at all the Orange Bowl gear they had.  Last December, NIU shocked the sports world getting an invite to play at the Orance Bowl at the BCS level. something a mid-major like Northern never figured would happen.  We even drove down for it along with lots of Northern Illinois fans.  Didn't buy anything though.

Drove out to Greek Row north of campus and saw the old Pike House which is now closed down after the fraternity was kicked off campus after a pledge drank himself to death last year.  All sorts og trials and lawsuits are imminent.  Really sad news, but to be expected in this era of doing everything to the extreme, especially with college students. 

I lived at the Delta Sigma Phi house on Greenbrier 1970-1971.  It no longer is a fraternity house, but open for students to live here for next school year.  Thought about going in and looking around, but decided not to do it.

Out East on the Lincoln Next.  --RoadDog

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