Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I Like to Stick Around Here in the Summer-- Part 1

Well, there is that boating thing on the Chain of Lakes as well as this is a mighty busy time out in the yard.  I have some might prolific weeds and plants that just grow and grow and grow.

And, we don't call the house Key North for no reason.

Plus, I have my own bar downstairs in the basement called Margaritaville and The North Woods entertainment area.  And, don't forget, The Ultimate Jukebox with 300 hand-picked CDs.  A great area down there especially when it gets too hot outside (like right now).

Outside, I have a great front porch, the Flats (my patio on the east side), the gazebo, the deck, the Grand Strand (my sun patio by the gazebo) and a shade patio by the deck (between the Bradford pear tree and crabapple).

Then, farther out to the back of the yard is the arboretum.  This is a shaded area with 9 trees, Mud and Bud's Sitting Room and Heineman's.

And, I can always pull out the portable bar in the garage.

I put a lot of time into getting these places squared away to the way I like it so I should get the opportunity to enjoy them.

So who needs to travel and make those GRBs at Big Oil richer. 

That's What I Can Do At Home.  --RoadDog

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